"THE PLANT LOVES ME": An Exploration of David Shrigley's Latest Release

"THE PLANT LOVES ME": An Exploration of David Shrigley's Latest Release

The contemporary art world often thrives on the idiosyncratic, the extraordinary, and the singular. Artists with an innovative perspective and vision tend to leave an indelible impact. Among them is David Shrigley, whose distinct style has garnered him a dedicated following over the years. With a career that spans decades, Shrigley has contributed extensively to the world of fine art, cementing his status as an influential figure in the artistic landscape.

Shrigley's latest release, a 26 Colour Screenprint with Varnish Overlay on Somerset Tub Sized 410gsm Paper, bears a simple yet intriguing title: "THE PLANT LOVES ME." This 56 x 76cm artwork is a visual delight, demonstrating the artist's ability to engage viewers with his minimalist yet thought-provoking creations. The piece is part of a limited run, with only 125 prints available worldwide, underscoring the rarity and uniqueness of the work.

Shrigley is renowned for the signature, flat compositions that often take on the inconsequential, the bizarre, and the disquieting elements of daily life. His works exude a darkly humorous undertone that captivates the viewer's imagination and sparks introspection. This trait has made Shrigley's prints highly collectable, a reality bolstered by the consistent tendency of his works to sell out quickly.

"THE PLANT LOVES ME" exemplifies Shrigley's signature style, with a straightforward narrative written in bold letters, "THE PLANT LOVES ME, I AM SO LUCKY." The phrase is a focal point, immediately drawing the viewer's attention. In a world where human relationships are often riddled with complexity, the simple affirmation of being loved by a plant carries an almost absurd weight. This statement raises many questions: Is the artist highlighting the simplicity of plant life compared to the convoluted human condition? Does the artwork explore the significance of the reciprocation of love in our lives? Alternatively, is it merely a reflection of the artist's own musings?

The narrative and the print's visual composition open up a space for viewers to extract their interpretations. Shrigley's appeal often lies in his ability to derive profundity from the seemingly mundane. With "THE PLANT LOVES ME," he prompts viewers to consider their relationships with nature to seek solace in its unassuming embrace. The declaration, "I AM SO LUCKY," adds an absorbing layer to the narrative, suggesting a sense of gratitude and wonder towards the simple yet irreplaceable joy that even a plant can bring.

The fact that each print is signed and numbered by the artist on the back of the sheet in pencil further emphasises its exclusivity and its value as a collectable item. Collectors looking to build a collection of rare and sought-after artworks would be well-served to consider acquiring this piece, especially given Shrigley's reputation and the limited availability of his prints.

Art enthusiasts and collectors interested in this print should note that the Artmarket Gallery currently has it available in very limited numbers. With Shrigley's works known to sell out quickly, it's advisable to act swiftly to secure this unique piece. "THE PLANT LOVES ME" is more than just an artwork; it's a statement, an invitation to ponder, and an opportunity to connect with the peculiar yet fascinating world of David Shrigley.

In conclusion, David Shrigley's latest release, "THE PLANT LOVES ME," is a testament to his unique artistic style and ability to evoke deep thought through seemingly simple narratives. Its limited availability, coupled with Shrigley's reputation for quick sellouts, makes this print an ideal choice for collectors seeking rare and sought-after artworks.

The Artmarket Gallery currently has this work available in limited numbers, providing art enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to own a piece of Shrigley's compelling artistic universe.

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