A Bigger Book by David Hockney Increases in Value

A Bigger Book by David Hockney Increases in Value

He's 80 years old, but David Hockney still sees the world through his fresh young eyes. This book is a pure delight to own says gallery owner Michelle Power and is already turning out to be a great investment. 

The signed booked launched at £1750 and very quickly had a price increase to £2250 and we expect that this will be increased again shortly as it approaches a sellout. It comes on its very own stand which was designed by Marc Newson and the book weighs in at a mighty 35kg's.

The book includes his 1960 depictions of swinging London, the famous California pool paintings, portraits, iPad drawings along with some sensational East Yorkshire landscapes.

Hockney himself was involved in every stage of the book's production and calls it 'an autobiography in pictures, made by a person who loves pictures and makes them'.

This week we saw the original oil painting Pacific Coast Highway and Santa Monica artwork sell for a staggering $28,453,000 in an auction at Sothebys New York on May 16, 2018, amazingly this piece features on page 248 of the signed book.

Double East Yorkshire oil on two canvasses

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