Art Makes A Great Wedding Gift Le Metro By Paul Kenton

Art Makes A Great Wedding Gift Le Metro By Paul Kenton

Art is great choice. If you select the right piece of art for the wedding couple it can truly be a gift that lasts a lifetime. The best way to select the right style of art for the lucky couple is consider their home and what kind of art would suit the environments that they are trying to create. You don’t have to select something that is romantic, loving or cutesy. 

Think of places they have visited, the honeymoon destination, where they may have met or a romantic destination all help give ideas to choosing the ideal artwork. If they are young couple and they have or are trying to create a contemporary living space then choose art that works in that environment. For a more traditional couple maybe consider art by artists like Bob Barker or Jeff Rowland. The cutesy artists always work well and there are some super great value artworks from artists like Peter Smith that work around couples in love.

A recent Paul Kenton sale made a great gift for Adam and Charlotte and somehow Charlotte even managed to get Adam to hang the work the day after the wedding - keep up the good work Adam! 

Thanks for sending in this Adam of the Paul Kenton artwork titled Le Metro - which captures a great city scene form the capital of romance Paris.

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