Bob Barker’s Listen To Your Heart personalised for you

Bob Barker's Listen To Your Heart personalised for you

Those fans of Bob Barker’s work who consider themselves to be romantics – and given the demand for his mistily nostalgic art, we’re guessing that’s most of them – will be delighted to find they have the opportunity to own a uniquely personalised version of one of his most romantic works yet.

Listen To Your Heart
was one of the highlights of the Northern Light collection, which proved to be a huge draw when it was showcased as part of his debut museum show at Leeds City Museum earlier this year.

Collectors can now buy a high quality print of the work in a timed edition, each of which will be hand embellished by Bob himself in the most heart-warming of fashions.

The image depicts a young boy carving his heart on a tree as his sweetheart watches, the whole scene illuminated by Bob’s trademark mellow orange lamplight. Each piece will be personalised and hand painted two sets of initials, chosen by the new owner, within the carved heart.

Like much of Bob’s work, Listen To Your Heart was inspired by his childhood in 1950s Yorkshire, its unique light and landscapes creating a style he calls ‘Northern Impressionism’.

“Light in the north transforms everything it touches,” he says. “When I paint it’s almost – at least through my eyes – as if this northern light pours from my brush onto the canvas.”
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