Bob Dylan’s Drawn Blank Series in 2013

Bob Dylan's Drawn Blank Series in 2013

WILL THERE BE A RETURN OF BOB DYLAN’S DRAWN BLANK SERIES IN 2013? Although Bob Dylan originally made his professional debut 52 years ago as a singer and songwriter, he is also a talented artist. Dylan has become more renowned for his artwork which originally retailed for about £1250. In later collections, his pieces are more likely to fetch for £3000, showing the expanding market for Bob Dylan’s work. Reports suggest that some pieces from the original collection of the Drawn Blank series have not yet been published, therefore leading to speculation that there may be a 2013 series. Could this also be the last chapter? The Drawn Blank Series is a collection of artwork that was created by Bob Dylan between 1989 and 1992. It is characterised for its expressive and vibrant quality which captures the artist’s encounters and observations in his day to day life. The creation of portraits, interiors, landscapes, still life’s and street scenes were done to “relax and refocus the mind”.Dylan transferred digital scans of pencil sketches onto large deckle edge sheets of paper, and often created different variations of each piece. He would alter the original pencil sketching’s by using different brush strokes and colours which has resulted in a dynamic variety of impressions, feelings and emotions.  This type of art prior to the 17th Century also known as printmaking or Graphics was known as a preparatory technique. It wasn’t until Rembrandt van Rijin – a Dutch artist (1606-1669) – that printmaking became an art form in its own right. During the 1930’s, Picasso was aspired to be as skilled in this medium, and created many fine arts graphics. This was followed by Andy Warhol who used the technique after the form of art moved from Europe to America subsequent to World War Two. During a visit to New York in 2006, Ingrid Mössinger – the curator of the Kunstsammlungen museum in Germany came across the Drawn Blank series and became very excited about the works. Dylan agreed to have an art exhibition in public for the first time. The Drawn Blank Series opened in October 2007 which coincided with the publication of ‘Bob Dylan: The Drawn Blank Series’ including 170 reproductions of his work. Critics have often found parallels between the Drawn Blank series collections and Dylan’s musical back catalogue. This is because it has been noted that his products reflect an ‘extraordinary, inventive imagination.’ For this reason a defining quality of Dylan’s work is his ability to reinvent. With some pieces of the original collection left unpublished, surely there will be a Drawn Blank series 2013? And if so, with only limited pieces left to go when will it be the end of an era? 
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