Craig Davison Batman Artwork

Craig Davison Batman Artwork

We have represented Craig Davison at the Artmarket Gallery for 11 years now and his collections are getting hotter and hotter each time. With a breadth of collectors and enthusiasts worldwide, the newest releases by Craig Davison are always in high demand, and older collections are highly sought after on the secondary market.

Craig Davison truly is an Artmarket favourite. His imagination tailors to movie enthusiasts as he captures all of the iconic movies with his childhood reenactments, imitating the characters in hilarious and relatable ways. Taking you back to your childhood, Craig Davison’s artwork resonates with everyone.

When Craig Davison wasn’t riding his bike, or playing outside with his friends, he enjoyed drawing as a child – art was his favourite subject at school. In the late 1980’s Craig’s passion became a career as he began as a cartoonist on comics for pre-schoolers. His inspiration is subject to a whole host of artists from many different periods, Marvel and DC Comics illustrator and creator of 'Hellboy', Mike Mignola, Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara, Spanish romanticist Goya, and American artist and illustrator NC Wyeth. 

Craig’s imaginative paintings of children at play, inspired by his own carefree childhood, are now among the most popular at the Artmarket Gallery. “One major part is nostalgia,” says Craig, “I want people to connect emotionally with it, I want them to remember their own childhoods.”

As experts in the field, we know that Craig Davison’s Batman collections are always his strongest work. They are without fail the most desired pieces. His painting of innocent child play, imitating the superpowers of perhaps the greatest superhero of all time and his counterparts capture the attention of his collectors.

It’s the Batman inspired Craig Davison art that we see appear on the secondary market too. At the Artmarket Gallery we have found price increases of up to 100% on the secondary market, changing hand at sometimes double the launch price!

We have seen many amazing Batman inspired pieces by Craig Davison, both original artwork and limited edition prints. Titles such as Bat Leap and The Bat Signal Time to Act are examples of the incredible Batman inspired artwork by Craig Davison.

Caped Crusaders

There are two original pieces available and an incredible lenticular piece available in Craig Davison's latest release. Released in an edition size of just 50, this is Craig Davison’s first ever lenticular limited edition, so we know it’s going to sell out. As you move, the artwork moves too and the image of two regular children at play morphs into two batman clad kids ready for adventure - it is truly spectacular.

Craig Davison - Caped Crusaders lenticular

Craig Davison - Caped Crusaders I

Craig Davison - Caped Crusaders II

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