Craig Davison: the inspiration behind his new collection

Craig Davison: the inspiration behind his new collection

As we celebrate the launch of Craig Davison's brand new Spring Collection, we asked him, "what inspires you?"

We all know Craig's much loved style is rooted in nostalgia and innocence, his collections focus on children at play reenacting scenes from iconic films and TV series.

In his much adored style, Craig Davison's artwork bring back memories of our own childhoods or perhaps remind us of our own children as he captures the very essence of his own "rough-and-tumble, outdoors ‘60s childhood."

Once a cartoonist, Craig's past is evident in his artworks. His latest collection celebrates the art of Thunderbirds, Willy Wonka, Ghostbusters and Tomb Raider, but what inspires Craig Davison to paint these themes? Let's find out...

Pure Imagination by Craig Davison

Inspired by Willy Wonka, Pure Imagination, captures the hit 1971 film, which recently returned to the big screen in 2023.

"This one was inspired by my granddaughter who put a plant pot on her head like a hat… it didn’t take long to decide that would make a perfect top hat for Willy Wonka, all he needed was a tiny tears doll with a few embellishments to create an Oompa Lumpa companion for him."

Pure Imagination is available in 4 different variations, including a sketch variation too. You can see all buying options here.

F-A-B by Craig Davison

The first of its kind by Craig Davison, this piece is inspired by the Thunderbirds. A piece commissioned by Craig's publishers, this was a subject Craig has never tackled before, but one collectors were desperate for!

“It was a subject I’d never tackled before. I enjoyed bringing International Rescue to life. Everyone I knew as a child owned a Thunderbird two toy, so I couldn’t resist adding one to the painting."

The artwork, including the original oil and limited edition prints, is available now at the Artmarket Gallery! Take a closer look, here.

Tomb Me, Tomb You by Craig Davison

A powerful, action filled piece, Craig Davison paints Lara Croft, the ultimate adventurer, in "Tomb Me, Tomb You."

"I knew straight away I wanted plenty of action, the Jack Russell seemed a perfect stand in for the crocodile. When I worked in the video games industry I was asked if I would like create background tiles for the original Tomb Raider game or animate Zorro for a film tie in game, I went with Zorro….. yeah the Zorro game that never got made."

Returning to his roots in the animation industry, "Tomb Me, Tomb You" is a high in demand work from the brand new Spring 2024 Collection. Shop online and in gallery at the Artmarket.

I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts by Craig Davison

A theme Craig Davison revisits in this new collection, Ghostbusters! Ghostbusters has been an inspiration in the past for Craig with his sold out limited edition piece "Bustin Makes Me Feel Good." His previous work featured the Marshmallow Man, but this time Venkman and Slimer take centre stage.

“I’ve previously painted a ghostbuster themed idea but wanted to return to it as previously the Marshmallow man was in the background. This time I wanted to get Bill Murray playing Venkman confronting Slimer."

The iconic characters create a must-have piece for Ghostbuster fans and Craig Davison collectors alike. You can find further details about the original oil, limited edition prints and the sketch variation, here.

Craig Davison artwork at the Artmarket Gallery

The full Craig Davison Spring 2024 Collection is available now, at Craig’s premium gallery, the Artmarket Gallery in the UK. Worldwide shipping is available, as are our 0% financing options, Artmarket Reserve and complimentary gift wrap on all orders.

For any questions regarding Craig Davison's artwork, contact the team today:


Telephone: 01482 876 003

Shop Craig Davison’s full collection, as well as rare and sold out secondary market works, online at the Artmarket Gallery!

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