David Hockney's Iconic "Paper Pools": A Deep Dive into 'Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink'

David Hockney's Iconic "Paper Pools": A Deep Dive into 'Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink'

David Hockney and the Mastery of 'Paper Pools'

Hockney's name is synonymous with the vibrant and enigmatic depictions of Los Angeles swimming pools. As a British artist living in LA, David Hockney captured the imagination of art enthusiasts worldwide. His fascination with the shimmering pools, illuminated under the Californian sun, brought forth a series of artworks that remain iconic in the annals of modern art. One such masterpiece is the 'Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink'.

The Brilliance of 'Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink'

Released in 1980, 'Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink' is not just another piece of artwork but an embodiment of Hockney's meticulous artistry and innovative techniques. Published as a limited-edition lithograph print, this artwork saw only 1000 pieces, each personally signed and numbered by Hockney himself. This exclusivity and the artwork's beauty make it a coveted work among art collectors.

But what's even more intriguing is how this artwork was introduced. Accompanying it was a book titled 'Paper Pools', published by the esteemed Tyler Graphics in New York. This book was more than just a catalogue; it offered art enthusiasts an intimate journey through Hockney's thoughts and his journey in creating the pool series.

Why Hockney's Swimming Pool Artwork Resonates Globally

The essence of Hockney's pool artworks lies in their relatability and the emotions they evoke. They are a perfect blend of reality and abstraction. The vivid blue hues, the dappled light, and the serene yet unsettling stillness of the water invite viewers into a world of contemplation. These pools aren't just water contained within walls; they're mirrors reflecting the psyche of modern society, with its isolation, longing, and moments of serenity.

Beyond the deep emotional resonance, Hockney's technique is also worth noting. His use of colour, shadow, and perspective creates a mesmerising effect that's hard to look away from. It's no wonder these artworks, capturing a fleeting moment under the Californian sun, have become international symbols of modern art.

Investment Opportunities in Hockney's Signed Prints

The world of art isn't just about appreciation and emotion; it's also a realm of significant investment opportunities. And when it comes to David Hockney's signed prints, the potential is enormous. The limited-edition nature of these prints, combined with the ever-growing demand among collectors, has led to a substantial appreciation in their value over the years.

When 'Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink' was first released, its price tag was reflective of its time, capturing the zeitgeist of the 1980s art scene. However, in recent times, this particular artwork has achieved record prices at auctions. The combination of its rich history, the artist's reputation, and its intrinsic beauty make it a valuable asset, not just emotionally but financially.

A Glimpse into the Price Evolution

The initial price of 'Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink' was around 100 GBP of what it commands today. But as years passed and Hockney's reputation grew, so did the value of this piece. The artwork has fetched staggering amounts in recent auctions, reflecting its position in modern art history. At Phillips Auctioneers, LLC, London, on Wednesday, January 18, 2023, edition number 30/1000 sold for 81,900 GBP, a record for the print.

Such a price rise isn't just a testimony to the art's value but a clear indication of its potential as an investment. For art collectors and investors alike, a signed Hockney print is akin to a blue-chip stock, promising returns while being beautiful.

The Timeless Charm of David Hockney's 'Paper Pools'

David Hockney's 'Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink' isn't just a lithograph on paper; it's a piece of history, capturing a moment in time and space. It's an artwork that invites viewers, tantalises collectors, and promises returns to investors. As years pass and trends change, one thing remains certain - Hockney's 'Paper Pools' will always hold a special place in the world of art.

Robert Power, Director at the Artmarket Gallery, comments that "David Hockney's artwork makes an excellent investment. Having sold Pool Made with Paper and Blue Ink multiple times over the last 15 years, I can demonstrate that it has been a very robust investment and an artwork that is very nice to own and appreciate."

The Artmarket Gallery specialises in rare and sought after signed limited edition prints by David Hockney so please contact the gallery if you would like more information on work by one of the worlds greatest living artists. 

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