David Renshaw Landscapes Painted With Love

David Renshaw Landscapes Painted With Love

What is in a landscape? 

If David Renshaw's art is anything to go by you could say everything. 

They are truly stunning, thought-provoking and romantic all in one image. Painted with oils and usually to board they are absolutely remarkable original works of art. 

Art can mean so many things to different people, but in a Renshaw landscape, you are guaranteed to make an impact and a statement in your home.

In recent years Ted and Dorris and his intriguing northern couple are often featured in the art and are on an ongoing adventure travelling through life's many situations. Love and companionship play a strong theme and the couple seam deeply in love with a strong union. However, sometimes the viewer is left wondering if a parting has happened or a state of coming back together to reseal their loving bond.

A recent piece Follow Your Heart, David featured Ted and Dorris on their travels in a red VDub journeying through Yorkshire and pitching up to admire the stunning beauty of the Humber Bridge and surrounding landscape. We are uncertain of the exact viewpoint it could be Lincolnshire, or it could be East Yorkshire; however, it may be could be the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransico, that is for the viewer to decide!

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