Dean Martin and Chess join forces for the first gallery appearance

Dean Martin and Chess join forces for the first gallery appearance

Dean Martin, also known as The Mad Artist (a title he will be dropping in the near future), and firm Artmarket favourite Chess who creates remarkable collage portraits of cultural icons from newspaper cuttings about her subject, will make a joint personal appearance at the Artmarket Gallery on Saturday 9 November from 6pm to 9pm, both unveiling brand new work.

Chess has been part of the Artmarket stable for some time now, and her work has proved popular with many of our clients. Dean is new and his work has been exceptionally well received especially after his recent TV appearance with George Galloway.

Dean is known for his eclectic mix of styles and subjects, which range from Peaky Blinders portraits to portrayals of real-life gangsters, animals, and political satire. 

He has recently had his work exhibited alongside that of elusive graffiti artist Banksy, an experience he cites as a highlight of his career. “It’s not every day you get the opportunity to exhibit alongside Banksy!” he says.

He will be showing a brand new range of Peaky Blinders images, as well as anthropomorphic portraits of animals bearing guns, designer handbags and in one memorable image, a French bulldog with a gold necklace entitled Pablo Esco-bark.

Dean Martin artist

Chess scours the internet for old newspapers and magazines and tears cuttings from them about her subject to create detailed collage portraits, onto which she then paints fine details using calligraphy inks. Each piece is completed on the reverse by a list of the publications used.

Her new body of work will include familiar faces such as Winston Churchill and David Bowie, but she is also heading in new directions and will be showing images of wildlife, including a rhino and a turtle, created from old National Geographics, plus cityscapes including London and New York composed from cuttings about the cities. 

Chess says: “I’m super-appreciative of the Artmarket gallery getting behind my brand,” she says. “It’s really encouraging.”

Chess artist

With the exception of a few never-before-seen prints of Peaky Blinders characters from Dean Martin, all the work on show will be originals.

Artmarket Gallery Director Michelle Power says: “Dean and Chess have very different styles, but share a passion for iconic images, which we at the Artmarket share with them. We think their art will be perfectly complementary, and we’re looking forward to a truly memorable evening.”

Cocktails from mixologists Barrow and Parker and canapés created by the Michelin-starred Pipe and Glass will be served on the evening.

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