Discovering the Magic of Shadows: A New Craig Davison Collection Inspired by Star Wars and Boba Fett

Discovering the Magic of Shadows: A New Craig Davison Collection Inspired by Star Wars and Boba Fett

The realm of contemporary art is constantly evolving, with artists from around the world offering unique perspectives and captivating styles. One such artist who has etched his name in the hearts of art enthusiasts is Craig Davison. Known for his evocative 'shadows' artworks, Davison’s creations bring to life the world of imagination, encapsulating the pure essence of childhood play. Today, we delve into the extraordinary world of Craig Davison, as we explore his new collection launched with The Artmarket Gallery, featuring original artworks and limited edition prints inspired by iconic characters and themes from Star Wars, Super Mario, The Matrix, The Wizard of Oz, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The Enchanting World of Craig Davison’s 'Shadows' Artworks

Craig Davison’s 'shadows' artworks are a nostalgic trip down memory lane, depicting children at play with the shadow of the character they are embodying portrayed in the background. These shadows are presented as a monotone silhouette, creating a striking contrast with the often vibrant energy of the children. It is this unique blend of realism and imagination that sets Davison’s work apart, making each piece a captivating story told through the lens of innocence and play.

Embracing the Force: ‘Solo in Cardboardite’ Inspired by Star Wars and Boba Fett

One of the standout pieces in this new collection is 'Solo in Cardboardite,' a tribute to the legendary Star Wars saga, with a particular focus on the enigmatic Boba Fett. Painted in Davison’s signature medium of oil on canvas, this original artwork captures the adventurous spirit of a child transformed into the fearless bounty hunter, with the shadow of Boba Fett looming large in the background. It is a powerful homage to the Star Wars legacy, and a testament to Davison’s ability to weave magic through his art.

Solo in Cardboardite Craig Davison Limited Edition

Journey to Other Worlds: ‘Let's a Go!’ and ‘Rodger the Dodger

The collection also features ‘Let's a Go!,’ an energetic portrayal of a child immersed in the world of Super Mario. With a red cap and a determined expression, the four children race forward on trikes, skateboards and scooters, while the shadow of Mario and his cartoon comrades add depth and context to the artwork.

let's a go Craig Davison limited edition

Rodger the Dodger,’ on the other hand, is a nod to the sci-fi classic, The Matrix. The artwork depicts a child in a poised and ready stance, mirroring the iconic moves of Neo, while the shadow reinforces the connection to the Matrix universe.

Roger the dodger Craig Davison limited edition

Of Witches, Wizards, and Adventure: ‘It's All About the Friends You Meet Along the Way’ and ‘Snakes - Why'd it have to be snakes?

It's All About the Friends You Meet Along the Way’ takes inspiration from The Wizard of Oz, portraying a child on an adventure with the shadow of Dorothy and her companions cast behind. It is a heartfelt reminder of the importance of friendship and the journey of life.

Snakes - Why'd it have to be snakes?’ brings to life the adventurous spirit of Indiana Jones from Raiders of the Lost Ark. The child, armed with a makeshift whip, embodies the daring archaeologist, with the shadow of Indiana Jones completing the scene.

Snakes Why'd It Have To Be Snakes Craig Davison Limited Edition

Limited Edition Prints: A Treasure Trove for Collectors

Complementing the original artworks is a set of limited edition hand-signed and numbered prints, available in two mediums. The archival giclee prints ensure the highest quality, preserving the vibrancy and detail of Davison’s work. Collectors can choose between canvas on board and fine art paper, each format offering a unique way to appreciate the artistry of Craig Davison.

Some titles are also available as a limited edition sketch, including 'Let's A Go!,' 'Roger the Dodger,' 'Terminator Too' and 'Lad of Steel.'

Lad of Steel Craig Davison Sketch

Connect with The Artmarket Gallery for Exclusive Access

To immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Craig Davison and secure a piece of this stunning collection, we invite you to contact the Artmarket Gallery team. Our experts are on hand to provide you with all the details you need, ensuring you find the perfect artwork to add to your collection. Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of contemporary art history, as these original artworks and limited edition prints are sure to be in high demand.

The Unforgettable Artistry of Craig Davison

Craig Davison’s 'shadows' artworks are a celebration of childhood, imagination, and the timeless characters that have captured our hearts. This new collection, featuring original oil paintings and limited edition prints, is a testament to Davison’s mastery of his craft and his ability to connect with audiences on a profound level. Whether you are a long-time collector or new to the world of art, the magic of Craig Davison’s work is sure to leave a lasting impression. Explore the collection today and discover the enchanting world of 'shadows' artworks, brought to life by the extraordinary talent of Craig Davison.

Embark on a journey of imagination and nostalgia with Craig Davison’s latest collection, and let the magic of art transform your world.

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