Fine Art Collector Autumn 2015

Fine Art Collector Autumn 2015

Included in the issue is Pele’s 75th birthday celebration entitled ‘Art Life Football’. The collection is a selection of pieces by Nic Joly, Keith Maiden and Stuart McAlpine Miller who have created unique pieces to honour the football legend’s life and incredible career. 

The highly anticipated ‘Lost Alice’ collection by Peter Smith is also featured in the magazine which includes limited editions and sculptures. The collection takes us back to Wonderland, decades after Alice’s first visit in the classic novel by Carrell. Alice, now aged 50 finds herself back in the uncommon world where a lot has changed. Full of colour and incredibly detailed, Peter and Jayne Smith have combined their creative skills to recreate the fantastical world of Wonderland with a whole new twist to the story. Each piece tells a different chapter of the story and really captures the element of light and dark. 

The magazine also introduces us to our three talented new artists; Laura Tinald, an illustrator whose delicate and detailed artwork captures the beauty of women’s facial features with only very few lines. Carly Ashdown, inspired by the philosophy behind human interaction brings us stunning compositions of colour and movement. And finally but not least, Robert Oxley, commended by the BBC for his work in natural history combined with pop-surrealism to create powerful and colourful artwork. 

Available in the gallery, the Fine Art Collector is a great way to discover the art and read about the inspiration behind the artists and their artwork. For your copy, please contact the Artmarket Gallery. 

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