Introducing Alison Johnson

Introducing Alison Johnson

Offering a contemporary, abstract and bold approach to seascapes and landscapes, Johnson creates a sense of movement through colour, light and balance. By exploring the ephemerality of the world, the Alison Johnson artwork collection features enticing atmospheres with a range of impactful colours and styles.

Although new to the Artmarket Gallery, Alison Johnson is no stranger to the artworld. Alison has appeared at a magnitude of solo shows across the UK, showcasing her work to collectors and enthusiasts. Impressively, Alison Johnson has received international recognition for her calming, tranquil sea and landscapes and has completed commissioned work for many high profile clients such as the Prince of Arabia and London’s Waldorf Hotel. Her incredible art has been featured in top publications like GQ.

We have welcomed Alison to our portfolio at the same time she has released her first ever hand embellished limited edition series. The full first collection of hand embellished limited edition prints and her stunning original paintings are now available at the Artmarket Gallery. 

These beautiful, hand produced canvas editions are embellished and enhanced with oil paints and varnishes to create a unique edition with no two the same. Six brand new titles are available at the Artmarket Gallery, whether you’re looking for something neutral and moody in tone, or a bright and bold splash of colour, you’ll find the perfect piece in this collection.

Alongside the limited edition prints, we received this striking original, titled Weather Change, the original piece measures 91 by 91 cm when framed, ready to make a colourful and calming statement in your home.

If you have any queries with regards to Alison Johnson’s artwork at the Artmarket Gallery, you can contact our Art Consultants via email, call the gallery or shop the full collection by Alison Johnson online today!

Telephone: 01482 876 003
WhatsApp: 07497771054
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