JJ Adams art for sale at the Artmarket Gallery

JJ Adams art for sale at the Artmarket Gallery

If you don’t already know, JJ Adams’ art mixes graffiti styles, spray paint, screen printing and digital art to create his very own genre. You can expect to see portraits of Mary Poppins, James Bond, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Leia, but not as you know them. Expect tattoos and piercings across the full collection as the artist gives iconic celebrities, public figures and movie stars a punk-rock makeover.

His talent does not end with creating punk-rock portraits, he also has an eye for the very best nostalgia. Born in 1978, you can expect to see a lot of 80s nostalgia throughout the artist's collections, taking the viewer back in time. The most recent example being Still Life II from the Autumn 2022 Collection, how many 80s references can you spot?

The Autumn 2022 Collection was released in September, including 12 brand new works, including follow-up pieces from his sold out “On Vacation” and “Rule Britannia” series too. 

Closed Downing Street was the first to sell out. Released in a time of political stir, JJ Adams hit the mark with this brilliant limited edition. The digital artist's attention to detail is at the core of this satirical, sometimes controversial, artwork. You can see the shadow of Prime Minster’s past, British icons like Paddington Bear and hidden controversial messages throughout. 

Earlier in the year, in JJ’s Spring 2022 Collection, the artist introduced a new style titled the “TV Special” collection. In spring, we saw the release of JJ Adams Mary Poppins Spoonful of Sugar - TV Special limited edition, and in autumn we were introduced to the Dorothy - TV Special limited edition. The two limited editions are smaller sized reconstructions of previously sold out pieces, making them the perfect piece for those smaller gaps in your home.

Britney Spears took centre stage with JJ Adams’ Hit Me Baby One More Time. Available in a colour variation as well as a black and white limited edition too, this time the artist takes an iconic Britney Spears image and makes it his own. You’ll see references to her famous songs, outfits and dance moves as JJ adds his own twist to the pop star.

The full JJ Adams Autumn 2022 Collection can be viewed now at the Artmarket Gallery, both in gallery and online. We are proud to represent UK digital artist, JJ Adams and his full collection of work at the Artmarket Gallery. For more information, please contact our Art Consultants or view the full JJ Adams art collection here
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