Featured Artist: JJ Adams

Featured Artist: JJ Adams

JJ Adam's artistry began at a young age. Having grown up in Cape Town, South Africa, he found himself inspired by Derric Van Rensburg, a contemporary artist from South Africa. Rensburg's influence can be seen in JJ's work with eye-catching colours and the use of graphic art, but JJ Adams is seemingly one step ahead. Unlike anyone else, JJ combines photography, digital art, acrylics, spray paint and anything else you like to make bespoke, truly unique pieces of artwork.

JJ Adams came to England and attended the Plymouth College of Art and Design to study further commercial painting before signing to Wishbone in the early 2010's JJ broke through in fine art in 2009 and has had some pretty cool jobs in his career. JJ had his hand in the interior artwork design of cool Covent Garden based restaurant, The Frog, JJ Adams is not shy of creating stand out, recognisable and unique artwork.
As seen in the likes of GQ and Vogue, JJ Adams is taking the art world by storm. At the Artmarket Gallery, we are proud to stock the fantastic work of this incredible artist. His artwork adds an alternative quirk into the gallery and catches the eye of anyone who walks past all scrolls through our Instagram or Facebook sites. His highly anticipated collections never disappoint. As of recent, we received his brand new Valentine's Day release, including Romeo & Juliet and The Brand Bouquet. Both artworks were fitting in with JJ's recognisable style and are a huge success. Get in touch with the gallery today to secure yours while they're still available!

Extremely popular with collectors, JJ's style is one of a kind. His time as an apprentice tattoo artist is noticeable in his adaptations of icons. Whether you love Marilyn Monroe or Kylie Minogue, his creativity shines an entirely different light on these iconic figures that is set to hold a perfect talking point in anyone's home. 

JJ Adams’ ability to collaborate with such an exhaustive list of mixed media mediums, his work experiments with different methods to create unique stories behind each masterpiece. Take for instance, the work of his famous West Pier, seeing the Queen walk through the pier with her own sun lounger against his pop art style stamps of David Bowie and Amy Winehouse - his creativity is never-ending.

See below some of JJ Adams’ newest releases and some of his most popular pieces at the artmarket gallery. A whole array of romance, quirks and mixed media to create fascinating art for everyone!

The Brand Bouquet by JJ Adams
Original - framed size: 36” x 29” - £4995.00
Limited edition - framed size: 27.5” x 23.5” - EDITION OF 95 - £295.00

JJ Adams The Brand Bouquet

JJ Adam's thrilling artistic adaptation of an array of flowers is set to catch the eye of anyone who passes by this fantastic piece of artwork. Inspired by luxury designer branding, this bunch of flowers is undoubtedly an upgrade from the kind you'd usually buy. The Brand Bouquet is float framed giclee fine art paper in a classic white frame. Priced at a brilliantly reasonable £295.00 this artwork is the perfect addition to any JJ Adams collection or the ideal way to begin yours! As always with JJ Adams, the edition size reflects a small and limited edition of just 95, it is no wonder that JJ Adams art is in demand for collectors. Only released in February 2020, this artwork already has limited availability so why not secure the perfect gift for either a loved one or yourself and take home luxury, indulgence and opulence with this fantastic piece of art!

Romeo & Juliet by JJ Adams
Original - Hand embellished canvas - Framed size: 42” x 42” - £11,995.00
Limited Editions - Framed size: 35.5” x 35.5” - EDITION OF 95 - £495.00

JJ Adams Romeo and Juliet

JJ Adam's references the classic Shakespeare adaptation of Romeo and Juliet in his brand new artwork Romeo & Juliet. This artwork features a young Leonardo DiCaprio creatively tattooed in his damaged Louis Vuitton armour with Juliet and her Louis Vuitton wings. Relevant to his initial career as a tattoo artist, JJ has created a noticeable trademark in his work by tattooing the likes of famous icons, such as Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery. This quirk catches the eye of passerby's and adds humour and fun into his artwork. Romeo & Juliet celebrated the famous movie with JJ Adams' iconic characteristics, again in an edition of 95 and framed in a striking black frame to concentrate our attention to his fascinating and recognisable use of monochrome colours. The perfect artwork for fans of the movie and JJ Adams alike. This artwork has bespoke alternative adaptations; already in such high demand, at the time of writing, we only have two left in the gallery!

Romeo & Juliet by JJ Adams - Glass embellished special editions!
Deluxe pink and blue cross editions - Framed size: 38.5 "x 38.5" - EDITION OF 10!! - £895.00

JJ Adams Romeo and Juliet Blue

Already sold out from the publishers, here at the Artmarket Gallery we are lucky to have secured a couple of each adaptation for you. Available today, but not for long, these special editions have a pink or blue cross, hand screen printed onto the glass, over the artwork... in special light reflective inks. Yes! They glow in the dark! Just available in editions of 10, we only have access to limited numbers in the gallery, so get in touch today to secure yours! Not only do these have a tiny edition size, but they too come in larger black swept, ornate frames to make them even more amazing! Extremely exclusive, these artworks are highly collectable whether you're completing your JJ Adams collection or starting your brand new collection, these will not disappoint! At the time of writing, we have one blue cross edition and one pink cross edition left in the gallery - so do not hesitate to secure yours!

Je T'aime by JJ Adams
Limited edition - Framed size 55.5 cm x 56.5 cm - EDITION OF 95 - £295.00

JJ Adams Je T

The hugely popular Valentine's release by JJ Adam's in 2019 is the perfect gift for the alternative minded. A clever adaptation of a heart is portrayed as bomb - telling you to handle love with care. The fantastic pop of colour would brighten any room while being able to add a quirky, unique piece of artwork to your collection. By imitating the work of graffiti artists with his use of spray paint, JJ Adams shines a new light onto his work. As a mixed media artist, JJ uses different kinds of printing methods, and in Je T'aime he brilliantly uses digital media in the background with the amazing use of colour and graffiti in the foreground. It really makes the piece of art and out! Similar to The Brand Bouquet, this piece retails at just £295.00 - meaning you can have some well-acclaimed JJ Adam's artwork in your home without breaking the bank, a truly unmissable treat!!

The Divided States of Britain by JJ Adams
Limited edition - Framed size 41.5 cm x 31.5 cm - EDITION OF 95 - £540.00

JJ Adams The Divided States of Britain

In light of the political corruption we seem to be facing in Britain at this moment in history, JJ Adams has relished in the nightmare and turned it into the perfect inspiration for his artwork! This postcard style piece of art is a real stand out piece, full of talking points and always something else to find! You may recognise some of the hidden references in light of our prime minister, our London landmarks and even some of our famous films. JJ Adams creatively uses digital media and graphic art to continue his politically conscious stream of artwork. He released in conjunction with Eton Mess, a poignant caricature of Boris Johnson, also referencing the political turmoil of the UK. JJ seems to explore his political stance through his artwork to turn to worry and upset across the nation into humorous and entertaining artwork for us all to enjoy! 

Lucky Star by JJ Adams
Limited edition - Framed size 90 cm x 105 cm - EDITION OF 75 - £540.00

JJ Adams Lucky Star

Another icon! Perfectly transformed with the incredible imagination of JJ Adams! Madonna as you've never seen her before, creatively adapted by JJ Adams with his use of digital manipulation, graphic media and of course, his trademark tattoos. This piece of eye-catching art came in both a colour version and black and white adaptations - the success of his artwork is unbelievable and we now only have a couple of JJ's Lucky Star left in the gallery! Madonna's face cleverly sits in the foreground of a newspaper article, in reminiscence of her scandals and media presence, this piece truly says no thank you to the media's scandalous nature. The bespoke black frame that finishes off this masterpiece makes this artwork a stand out manipulation of a famous icon, fit for a centrepiece in your home to create a real talking point! The perfect gift for JJ Adams fans and Madonna fans alike.

JJ Adams is truly a unique artist, one to offer crafty manipulations on the things we know and love. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about JJ's latest releases and make sure you do not miss out on his most sought after pieces of artwork!

None of these artworks suits your style? Click here to see all of our fabulous JJ Adams art while they are in stock! Give our gallery team a call today on 01482 876003 or email us through gallery@artmarket.co.uk to discuss the best buying options and find out about our unbeatable 0% finance payment plans!!

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