In the Hot Seat: Brand New Artist Keith McBride

In the Hot Seat: Brand New Artist Keith McBride

Having been super well-received, the love for the striking collages Keith has created has not gone unnoticed. Keith unites fashion and art in an eye-catching and unique way.

"I am self taught," said Keith as he delves into explaining his non-mainstream education. His fantastic talent was born with a simple lesson from his grandfather: "when I was about 4, my grandad taught me how to draw a donkey and then how to draw a man… and that's it" Having always had the talent to create fantastic art, Keith saw no other interest. 

Drawing has always been Keith's passion. Only 24 months ago did Keith move away from acrylics, watercolours and inks and began putting the paintbrush down and reaching for magazines instead. Keith wanted to revive his love for art, to offer people something unique, exciting and unmistakably fascinating. 

Recently, we sat Keith McBride into our hypothetical 'Hot Seat' to find out more about Artmarket's newest artist. Take a read below to hear the story behind these amazing and unique pieces of artwork.

Keith McBride - Police

Where does your inspiration come from?
Keith's London influence and luxury fashion are unmissable in his latest releases. From the London Underground scene in Going Underground and the fashion influence in AK - Underground, Keith uses snippets of Vogue and Tatler to unite fashion and art in creating these outstanding collages

"I see London a lot" Keith explains when reminiscing on the past two decades he spent working in the big city. During his working day, Keith would "pretend to be working but would sit and have a coffee, sketching people walking to and from work." Keith notes his fascination with the architecture and the energy of the people in London - evidently a fantastic influence to create amazing pieces of artwork! The hustle and bustle of the capital are captured in his collages. Really reflecting on his admiration with London. Keith would often find himself on some of the most interesting rooftops in London and 5 in the morning, just watching the city wake up.

Which is your favourite piece out of your new collection?
Without hesitation, Keith exclaims "Once Upon a Time." Keith tells us that he had been experimenting with collages for so long and struggled to feel satisfied with the end result. Once Keith had completed Once Upon a Time, he felt that was the perfect way to create an insightful, eye-catching collage that was just right! Once he finished this one it all just clicked. Keith was always advised that when making collages "you're supposed to stop when it's interesting" and for sure, his entire new collection is just that.

Keith McBride - Going Underground

What techniques do you prefer to use when creating your artwork?
As said previous, Keith would create artwork with acrylic, ink and watercolour until 24 months ago. The fascination with collage and magazines took over and completely transformed Keith's artwork. 

"I want to offer paintings that in 6 months, someone will walk past the artwork and go I didn't realise that was there," said Keith. To do so, Keith builds his collages with bits of magazines. "I like Vogue and Tatler," says Keith when explaining his influences. The collage is a whole building process where people are built up by relevant snippets, and eventually, the fantastic artwork comes together. 

Research is a massive part of the process, a process that Keith notes are substantially longer than his old watercolour and acrylic days. These striking pieces of artwork begin with a sketch of stick men, which Keith allows to develop unknowingly: "it is as much as a surprise to me how it will finish as it is to anyone else." Keith will spend hours and hours turning the pages of magazines until his hands hurt to find the best snippets for these bespoke collages. 
"It is a massive jigsaw puzzle in reverse," he says.

What next?
Only just released his first collection at the start of the year, the interest in Keith's artwork has been outstanding. Signing to Wishbone Publishing was the next step for Keith, the cool, edgy look of the publication house drew Keith into them. Wanting desperately to have his work represented by the publicists, he saw them and straight away knew… "I have to go there." This is all brilliant news for us at the Artmarket Gallery because we are lucky enough to exclusively have our hands on some of the originals by Keith McBride.
Keith is already underway with his next collages, and we cant wait to see them!

We look forward to receiving new artwork from Keith and working alongside him in the future. Take a look at Keith's full collection here and give the gallery a call on 01482 876003 today to chat with us about anything you love! 

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