Lewis Hamilton, Star Wars and Champagne by Paul Oz Artist

Lewis Hamilton, Star Wars and Champagne by Paul Oz Artist

Our window display, currently covered in his amazing artwork, catches the eye of anyone who passes by whether it be down to mesmerisation, appreciation or controversy *peek the Winston Churchill gesture*. His artwork is fun, memorable and unique. 

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A self titled explosive artist, Paul Oz experiments with acrylic paints to create his amazing portraits of some of the most famous icons, movie stars and sports stars in the world. His passion is undeniable. In an interview with Wishbone Publishing, Oz refers to art as: “A way of life, a job, a passion” and that is why we are so excited to meet him at the Artmarket Gallery this month on Saturday 14th March.

On the evening, we will have a brand new original released by Paul which we have had a sneak peek of recently. There is no denying that this piece of art will amaze everyone at the event, and with only one original piece, who will be the lucky owner?

Paul Oz Joker

His inspiration comes from his own admiration of sports, icons and Star Wars. Seemingly enamoured by the Formula 1, he has some incredible pieces of art in celebration of Lewis Hamilton and Ayrton Senna. He also encapsulates the victories of other Formula 1 stars when travelling the world to work alongside these sportsmen, live painting these celebratory moments to sell out shows in every Paddock Club on the worldwide Formula 1 calendar.

Large scale, three dimensional impact paintings is Paul Oz’s recognisable style. Whether you’re investing in an original piece or securing a hand embellished canvas or a limited edition paper, the three dimensional effects are prevalent and astonishing. His canvases are huge, and support up to 2cm depth of acrylic paint, giving a deeply textured three-dimensional effect.

Paul Oz Artist has some pretty famous clients. He handed Bruno Mars a portrait of himself during his 24k Magic World Tour, he was commissioned for a piece of art for Muhammed Ali’s 70th birthday and even honoured Star Trek’s 50th anniversary with a custom piece of artwork. His collectors include Jenson Button, Sir Alex Ferguson, British hip hop artist Wretch 32 and Theo Paphitis. Take a read below to find out about Paul Oz’s work with the Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton and the look at some of the amazing artwork he releases.

Don’t forget to save the date of Saturday 14th March 2020 to meet the man behind the art. Full of fascinating stories about his travels and high profile clients, cocktails and gorgeous canapés from the Pipe and Glass, it’s an event not to missed!

Lewis Hamilton 2019 by Paul Oz

Paul Oz is famously known for travelling the world following Formula 1. This signature piece of art, aptly named 'Lewis Hamilton 2019', celebrates Hamiltons' 2019 victory. His classic acrylic painting skills and 3D effect is noticeable in this creation. Available in a paper edition and as a hand-embellished canvas, this artwork comes in a range of editions and sizes to suit you. Within the F1, Paul Oz has live painted for Scuderia Ferrari VIP's in Monaco, Mercedes AMG Petronas in Barcelona and has created work personally for Lewis Hamilton, Pirelli and Jackie Stewart. Wanting to 'always push the boundaries between art and sculpture' Paul Oz has recently, (as seen on Instagram) created the Senna statue which has been newly installed at Caffeine & Machine near Stratford Upon Avon. The full-size sculpture takes center stage in the Maclaren museum in Barcelona, only 1 of 3 full-size statues are on public display, which means two more are on the way! We can not wait to see if any more pieces are inspired by Pauls love of all things Formula 1.

Rampante Cavallo - Red by Paul Oz

In fitting with his Formula 1 influence, Paul Oz has created this bespoke piece of art in honour of Ferrari. This is popular within the Artmarket Gallery for any Ferrari enthusiast, it is a truly show-stopping centrepiece. It is fit for any bachelor pad, garage or even for the fantasy of a man cave! Available in red, yellow and black, this stands out a piece of art is available only in hand-embellished canvas, suitable to wow anyone who comes in to contact with it. The famous acrylic texture takes full attention of this piece of art, creating an unmissable (and unbeatable) 3-dimensional effect to the Ferrari emblem. These incredible canvases were only created in edition of 10 plus 3 artists proofs in each colour. 

Queen of Jack by Paul Oz

Paul Oz's explosive art proceeds into his adaptations of the Queen. Imitating the resemblance of a stamp, her side profile is frequently re-vamped by Oz in bright, explosive colours fit for a queen! From Christmas Queen to Queen of Rock and 50k Queen, Paul Oz has adapted this piece of art to be suitable for any home in any colour. Displayed amazingly together or as a singular centrepiece, the three-dimensional appearance of these limited editions fit in line with Oz's signature style. Truly an iconic British figure, the Queen's profile is instantly recognisable around the world. Paul Oz claims that he always aims for 'visual impact' and this collection does just that! 

Laurent Perrier Rose by Paul Oz

Need a reason to celebrate? Look no further than this striking bottle of Laurent Perrier Rose. This iconic bottle can be instantly recognised by its dusky pink labels and rose gold foil casing. Additional to the Laurent Perrier Rose, Paul Oz has extended this collection with bottles of Moët & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot being created too. Veuve Clicquot's yellow label is possibly the most well-marketed Champagne on the planet so is an instantly recognisable brand. Moët & Chandon own the largest Champagne estate and is arguably the most recognised champagne brand in the world. These standout Champagne bottles have made into incredible pieces of art by the equally as incredible Paul Oz. The perfect gift for every occasion, these pieces are a must-have!

Available in limited edition prints, and some canvas adaptations remaining, get in touch with the gallery today to secure your very own artistic Champagne.

Move Along... by Paul Oz

Paul Oz comments how “all I watched as a sprog was Star Wars” and remembers his 10th birthday being celebrated by a cinema trip to see Empire Strikes Back. His Star Wars admiration is encapsulated in his work from characters such as Storm Trooper, C-3PO and Yoda. Move Along... is available in a paper limited edition, finishing at a size of 36.25” x 30.5”, and also a hand-embellished canvas with a finished size of 44” x 36”. 

Peaches by Paul Oz

Everyone will find a piece of Paul Oz art they love, even your children! He is experimental in his work and inspiration comes from everywhere. You’ll find a massive range of artwork on our website by Paul Oz from Coca-Cola bottles to English Rugby star, Johnny Wilkinson.

This month we have the fantastic Paul Oz visiting the Artmarket Gallery for the first time. Register your interest here to see his brand new release, original bespoke artwork and meet the man that follows Formula 1 around the world!

Get in touch with the gallery on 01482 876003 or via email through gallery@artmarket.co.uk to discuss your Paul Oz buying options, new collections and all things art!! 
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