Meet Craig Davison at the Artmarket Gallery Saturday 12 November

Meet Craig Davison at the Artmarket Gallery Saturday 12 November

He’s one of our most popular artists – and now you have the chance to meet him in person at the Artmarket Gallery. 

Craig Davison’s images of children at play alongside the shadow of their favourite heroes fly off the walls to keen collectors.  And the artists says he’s gone gone ‘back to basics’ for his latest work, which is inspired by his own childhood. Craig gained a huge following of collectors for his ‘Shadows’ series of paintings; his latest feature Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the Joker, and are currently on show at the gallery. 

And the man himself will make a special appearance here between 1pm and 4pm on Saturday 12 November to talk about his work. Do come along and meet him, and enjoy complimentary drinks and canapés from the Michelin-starred Pipe and Glass.

A former comic book illustrator, Craig started painting in 2007, and soon gained acclaim for a series of images featuring Batman – the pictures showed children playing as he did as a child ‘shadowed’ by the superhero. The popularity of the images led him to paint similar images depicting children with their favourite footballers, Star Wars characters, pop stars and other heroes. “But the Batman ‘Shadows’ are the ones that people always ask me for,” says Craig. “So I decided to go back to basics with this new series, although now that I’m more confident, the kids are bigger! “There’s also more colour than before in this new set – I went to a gallery that was featuring my work, and realised that I rarely see my paintings hanging alongside each other. When I did, I noticed how much I used brown!

“These new pictures have more colour in the shadows themselves, reflecting an element of their character – so Batman has a blue shadow, Superman a red one, Wonder Woman is gold to represent her headband, and the Joker is green, for his hair.”

The four new pieces are Bat Leap, Days of Wonder, Original Prankster and Reach For The Sky, each in an edition of just 150 prints. And on 12 November only, we’ll two exclusive boutique editions of just 25 entitled From Zero To Hero and Play The Joker, each piece signed and certificated by the artist and only available to personal visitors on the day. Original oils and pencil sketches by Craig will also be on display from 12 November.
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