Mother’s Day with Tim Cotterill, aka The Frogman

Mother’s Day with Tim Cotterill, aka The Frogman

The special Mother's Day frog always includes a flower, whether it’s a shy forget-me-not or golden wildflower, or a showy magnolia or vibrant sunflower, the detail and colours of these creations are beautiful additions to any frog collection.

Tim Cotterill’s mother, Hester, who, along with his dad Howard, created a loving and creative environment for Tim and his sister Angela to grow up in. The siblings were born in the aftermath of World War II into a Britain that could have been a bleak place for a child grow up in – Tim arrived in 1950, still four years before the end of the rationing system that saw families exchanging government-issued coupons for a limited amount of basic groceries such as eggs, milk and bread.

“After the war, all people wanted was to get back to normal and have some kids,” Tim says.  “My mum had a child who died of cot death, and then another child who also died. Her brother, who was a Spitfire pilot, had died during the war – it would have been enough to send a lesser woman over the edge. 

“But my sister came along soon after, and then me, and we were just smothered with love. We lived in a little terraced house, the family had no money – but we were loved, and that was what mattered. 

“And I thought all kids had that – but of course, they don’t, sadly. Mum doted on us, and was a real homebuilder. She and my dad loved their garden. We had beautiful fresh vegetables and fruit, tomatoes from the greenhouse – lots of wonderfully healthy food. 

“And my mum loved flowers, too, and eventually became a judge of flower arrangements. She loved ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arranging – simple verticals and horizontals, with just two or three flowers – and we always had her beautiful arrangements at home, especially on the hall table. 

“I’ve had no artistic training, but she was very artistic and I think I got it from her – it must be in the genes!”

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Digger by Tim Cotterill
£2,033 | Edition of 500 | Released in 2014

Sunflower by Tim Cotterill
£846 | Edition of 1000 | Released in 2016

Magnolia by Tim Cotterill
£1,675 | Edition of 350 | Released in 2018

Forget-Me-Not by Tim Cotterill
£2,067 | Edition of 350 | Released in 2019

California Gold by Tim Cotterill
£2,120 | Edition of 350 | Released in 2021
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