New Bob Dylan Collection In Gallery Soon!

New Bob Dylan Collection In Gallery Soon!

For all you Bob Dylan fans - his new work will be available in a few weeks.

WARNING this is like nothing you have seen from him before!

Shadowing Dylans change in music style from folk to rock, this progression in his art takes on the same principal...taking him from critical acclaimed fine art over to the controversial side...

Dylan's new collection takes on the form of magazine covers such as Sports Illustrated, Time and Playboy. He has taken social, political and pop icons and displayed them with headlines and images from other publications. Dylan is poking fun at public figures and celebrities - he reimagines their lives through this new collection, resulting in rather absurd and satirical prints!

Dylan's new collection is available as a set of four paper portfolio or boxed canvas portfolio. Both are available framed.
Bob Dylan's new 2014 collection will be on sale in a couple of weeks time. We shall keep you posted!
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