NEW Craig Davison Spring 2024 Collection

NEW Craig Davison Spring 2024 Collection

Step into a nostalgic wonderland with Craig Davison's captivating new art collection, where iconic characters from beloved films and TV series such as Willy Wonka, Thunderbirds, Ghostbusters, and Tomb Raider come alive on canvas.

Davison's latest works evoke a sense of adventure and imagination, transporting viewers back to the cherished worlds of their childhoods. Each piece in this collection is a vibrant homage to these timeless classics, reimagined through Davison's unique artistic lens. Join us as we explore the enchanting fusion of nostalgia and creativity in this extraordinary series.

Craig Davison Thunderbirds

"F-A-B", the first piece to Craig Davison’s 2024 Spring Collection. In Craig Davison's captivating artwork, the iconic Thunderbirds characters Lady Penelope, Virgil Tracy, and Alan Tracy come to life in a scene filled with youthful imagination.

Set against a backdrop of adventure and heroism, Davison's painting features children recreating iconic Thunderbird characters, using toys and their boundless creativity. As Lady Penelope, Virgil, and Alan stand heroically in the background, the children in the foreground mirror their actions, imagining themselves as daring pilots or courageous rescuers.

In Craig’s much adored style, joining together childhood play and nostalgic heroism beautifully, F-A-B captures the spirit of both the Thunderbirds series and the innocence of youthful imagination. Davison's art invites viewers to revisit the wonder and excitement of their own childhood adventures.

Craig Davison Ghostbusters

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts”, follows Craig Davison's 2014 sell-out Ghostbuster inspired work “Bustin Make Me Feel Good.” Hot in demand with Craig Davison collectors, Davison captures the ultimate nostalgic scene with the Ghostbusters in the background and children at play taking centre stage, embodying the spirit of the famous paranormal investigators.

A makeshift proton pack, and a mischievous ‘ghost’ companion, their faces are alight with determination. Davison's composition captures the essence of youthful enthusiasm and the timeless allure of the Ghostbusters universe, inviting viewers to join in on this spirited adventure through the lens of childhood wonder.

The limited edition work is available in two variations, plus the original oil, at the Artmarket Gallery. Also available as a limited edition sketch, too.

Craig Davison Willy Wonka

A plant pot, an empty wrapping paper tube and a chocolate bar; the recipe for Craig Davison’s incredible Willy Wonka artwork, titled “Pure Imagination.” Reminiscent of Roald Dahl’s classic tale, Craig Davison invites us to rediscover the magic of Willy Wonka's world through the eyes of playful innocence.

Full of wonder, joy, and a make-shift Oompa Loompa, this is the first time Craig Davison has captured the 1971 film that has since re-hit the big screen in the 2023 adaptation. 

Also available as a limited edition sketch, check out “Pure Imagination” by Craig Davison online at the Artmarket Gallery.

Tomb Raider by Craig Davison

Channeling Lara Croft’s fearless demeanour and daring escapades, Craig Davison captures a child immersing herself in the role of an intrepid explorer. The captivating Tomb Raider inspired artwork, “Tomb Me, Tomb You,” the adventurous spirit of Tomb Raider is brought to life.

The original oil painting, limited edition canvas and deluxe limited edition canvas as well as the sketch variation, are all available at Artmarket, Craig Davison’s premium gallery. Shop the full collection now, or contact our experts for further information.

Craig Davison art for sale at the Artmarket Gallery

The full Craig Davison Spring 2024 Collection is available now, at Craig’s premium gallery, the Artmarket Gallery in the UK. Worldwide shipping is available, as are our 0% financing options, Artmarket Reserve and complimentary gift wrap on all orders.

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Shop Craig Davison’s full collection, as well as rare and sold out secondary market works, online at the Artmarket Gallery!

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