New Year New Start: How the right artworks can transform your home

New Year New Start: How the right artworks can transform your home

So, it’s that time of year. The Christmas hustle and bustle is over and thoughts are turning to new year’s resolutions. Whether it’s getting fit, finally learning a new language or musical instrument, saving money or eating healthy… there’s plenty to choose from!

 Well, we’d like to add one suggestion to the list – and that’s making your home a more beautiful and relaxing space for 2022.

It will come as no surprise that the Artmarket Gallery team passionately believe in the transformative power of art. It lifts the spirits, creates a fresh energetic home and brings beauty into our everyday lives. Studies have shown the mere presence of art can reduce stress and instigate calming feelings, as well as help people connect emotionally and create further positive changes.

With this in mind, here are our seven top tips and resolutions to help you transform your home with art for the new year. It’s all the inspiration you need to make your home a better, more beautiful place for 2022…

1. New Year… new start

New beginnings deserve new perspectives. So if you’re updating your home decor in the new year, don’t be afraid to get experimental with your art collection. We’ve already written about how to choose the perfect artwork for your home, so have a read through this if you’re just getting started.

As well as searching for inspiration on new artists and styles, move your current works into different rooms and groupings. With new locations and viewpoints, you can see how pieces work together, spaces that need filling and try out new combinations.

2. Start small

Don’t feel you have to do everything at once! Start with smaller rooms such as boot rooms, offices, laundry rooms and bathrooms. You can afford to make braver style-choices in these areas.

For instance, play around with bold paint colors, chalkboards (for homemade family artworks!) large paintings, accent walls and wallpaper patterns. It’s all about the quirky, personal touches.

Whilst we’re on the subject – remember artworks don’t just have to hang on walls. If you’re lucky enough to have large bookshelves, this is a perfect place for displaying smaller paintings and sculptures. A few stylish décor accents go a long way. Think ceramics, bronzes, prints and photography.

3. Assess your art

Collecting art is such a thrill. There’s an amazing sense of accomplishment to owning an original artwork you adore. But of course, this is only halfway there. The next step is hanging your artworks! So if you’ve got paintings languishing under the stairs or at the back of cupboards – now’s the time to get everything out and assess your collection.

Lay everything on the floor and think about how to start grouping your artworks. Could it be certain styles or artists, colours, feelings, scales or geometric shapes? Whatever it is, this will help you curate bespoke, personalised collections around your house.

4. Don’t aim for perfection

Purchasing and creating an art collection you love is an ongoing process. So don’t feel you have to “complete” your collection to create a stunning home.

If you have a lot of art from a particular artist or style (but would like more) – take things slowly. Arrange paintings around one large work to create a focal point or consider a smaller “gallery style” presentation for additional interest. When hanging multiple sizes, it’s all about asymmetry. The fun is in the irregularity, not perfection!

Whilst arranging your paintings and photography, consider the frames (are they appropriate for your artworks?) – if your budget allows, this is a wonderful thing to update for the new year.

5. Protect sensitive pieces

If you want to transform your home with beloved artworks – the last thing you want is for them to fade over time. This is especially important for watercolors and textiles. Make sure these are framed with UV-protective glass and displayed in areas away from bright light (whether artificial or natural).

Downstairs WCs, hallways and stairways are particularly suitable places to display light-sensitive artwork. If you’re walking down the stairs, you’re much more likely to get closer to artworks, stop and admire them. Hanging works on stair walls is also a clever way of reducing large expanses of negative space in the home.

6. Keep it personal

If you want to create a stunning home environment for 2022 – remember it's your space, so go with what you love. People often lose trust in their own taste and whether art looks good in the home… but don’t! Focus on what you’re immediately drawn to, and items that are meaningful to you and your family.

This could be anything from the children’s school drawings to large-scale family heirlooms. As a rule of thumb, intimate small-scale pieces look better hung lower. Don’t be scared to mix and match colors, shapes and mediums. The kitchen (as a room that flows into living and dining spaces) is a particularly good room for displaying cherished art.

7. Create a cosy bedroom

Last but not least, don’t overlook the private rooms in your home. If you’re buying art for your own enjoyment (and you should be!) – make sure it’s displayed where you’ll see it most.

Calming, tranquil tones are wonderful for bedroom spaces, so consider your colour palette carefully. Larger abstract pieces of art often encourage quiet contemplation and a sense of balance. Combined with strategic soft lighting, plants and soft bedding… you’ll have a dreamy start to the new year.

The Artmarket Gallery is a leading independent gallery based in the beautiful village of Cottingham, East Yorkshire. We match people with artworks they love, to truly improve your home and your life. Get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team, browse our collection online or pop-by for a visit. We wish you all the best for a happy and healthy start to 2022.
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