Nigel Cooke and a cafe society - Paris, New York or London

Nigel Cooke and a cafe society - Paris, New York or London

Paris, New York, London and Amsterdam are all featured in Nigel Cooke's artwork. In fact, Cooke has created an army of collectors that love his cityscapes and cafe society inspired artworks.

It's this term cafe society that inspires a lot of the work that Cooke creates. A term coined in the late 1800's and used as a description for people that gathered in vogue restaurants and cafes of New York, Paris, London and Amsterdam.

The piece featured is an original artwork painted with acrylic on board and is titled Paris Heat. It captures this cafe society lifestyle that has become part of society today. It's a moment in time and takes the viewer back to that place, that moment in that city that will live with them forever.

The cafe in the piece is called La Bolte and located at 15 Rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris and is famed for its coffee, confit of duck and exceptional wine.

Most things we forget however Cooke is very good at recapturing those certain moments which are imprinted in our memories often bringing places and romances flooding back.

Feature of Paris Heat by Nigel Cooke

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