Nigel Cooke paints Paris - Amour Arc De Triomphe

Nigel Cooke paints Paris - Amour Arc De Triomphe

Is romance in the air with this stunning new original artwork by leading cityscape artist Nigel Cooke?

Titled Amour Arc De Triomphe; the colours are genuinely delightful subtle and make for a contemporary colour palette that would work beautifully in a modern environment.

Napolean instructed construction on the Arc De Triomphe in 1806 and Jean Chalgrin designed it. Its construction wasn't completed until 1836 which was long after Napolean's death which was in 1821.

Cooke born in Yorkshire has a natural talent in painting cityscapes, and it's this raw talent that has seen his work improve and increase in price over recent years.  Working in with acrylic and often painting direct to board his work have a fluidity to it that captures the dynamism of a city.

He often works exclusively for the Artmarket Gallery on client commisions working with a colour scheme that is usually directed by Michelle Power for specific client interior design projects.

The main cities that Nigel Cooke paints are New York, Paris, London and Amsterdam.

Nigel Cooke Amour Arc De Triomphe

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