On Tour With Tim Cotterill

On Tour With Tim Cotterill

Tim Cotterill spends a lot of his time touring galleries across both the United States and the United Kingdom, making personal appearances, meeting his fans, and signing frogs, kingfishers, owls and so much more from the Frogman collection. 



The Frogman always makes his personal appearances terrific fun. You won’t be able to miss him: he has a whole wardrobe of bespoke, flamboyant jackets, ranging from leather to sequins, specially made for these occasions and he always does his best to meet everyone who turns up – one of his favourite bits of feedback ever was from a fan who commented on ‘how much love there was in the room’.

It’s his way of giving a little something back to all those people who matter so much to him – you, his loyal collectors, and the galleries who make everything possible.

Due to Covid, Tim has not been able to visit the gallery for the last couple of years, but we can’t wait to welcome Tim Cotterill back into the Artmarket Gallery! It’s your opportunity to meet the man behind the frog madness and learn more about Tim Cotterill and his art. Keep you eye on our website for a date for our next event with Tim or sign up to our newsletter and be of the first to hear of the event!

In the meantime, check out our article from when Tim last visited East Yorkshire, read more about him in the ‘Tim Cotterill: Biography and Buying Guide’, or if you’re looking to purchase your first Tim Cotterill bronze find out more information on ‘What makes a Frogman bronze so special?’ 

For further information please contact our Art Consultants who would be happy to help with any of your queries. 

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