Tim Cotterill Bronze Frogs Price Guide

Tim Cotterill Bronze Frogs Price Guide

Enter the wonderful world of Tim Cotterill's solid bronze sculptures. 

In 1990 Tim Cotterill, aka the Frogman, moved to Los Angeles, living in a rented garage in Venice Beach, Tim began designing and making his now famous bronze frogs. With the use of bright, vibrant patinas and each sculpture being so unique and different to the next, Tim Cotterill's bronze sculptures are widely collected across the world. Tim Cotterill is in fact the best selling bronze artist worldwide!

With prices starting from £168, starting your frogman sculpture collection has never been easier. Our frog-experts at the Artmarket Gallery have curated a Tim Cotterill price guide to help you navigate the large and wonderful Tim Cotterill collection. You can browse our Tim Cotterill price guide brochure and find expert guidance and help with the price of these beautiful sculptures. It's an easy way to find the sculptures you love at a price that suits you.

The brochure is broken down into price guide categories, therefore you can shop Tim Cotterill's sculptures up to £250, up to £500, up to £1000 and £1000 onwards! The brochure includes some of our favourite sculptures ranging from the beautiful Aurora, with a night sky inspired patina, to some of Tim Cotterill's largest sculptures, such as Willie Jump and Ferguson.

Tim's collection is filled with beautiful frogs, owls and other fascinating creatures. He has designed over 200 limited edition bronze frogs ranging from small tabletop and wall-mounted pieces to monumental sculptures, and including an annual Mother's Day frog-and-flower tribute to his late mum, a floral art judge and horticulturist.

Tim Cotterill often returns to his roots by introducing a range of bronze birds, including his favourite, owls, parrots and kingfishers which are also included in our price guide.

If you would like to browse the full collection, we have all of Tim Cotterill's creations available to order at the Artmarket Gallery. You can request a virtual viewing on all of our sculptures, just find the sculpture you love and press the 'Virtual Viewing' button, our team will send you a personalised video so you can see all of the gorgeous details including Tim Cotterill's signature.

- Frogman price guide under £250
- Frogman price guide under £500
- Frogman price guide under £1000
- Frogman price guide over £1000

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