Tim Cotterill "The Frogman" Makes a Grand Appearance at Artmarket Gallery in Cottingham

Tim Cotterill "The Frogman" Makes a Grand Appearance at Artmarket Gallery in Cottingham

Meet Tim Cotterill, The World's Premier Bronze Artist

On the picturesque evening of Saturday, October 5th, 2024, the Artmarket Gallery in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, will be graced by the presence of a truly extraordinary artist, Tim Cotterill, known affectionately worldwide as "The Frogman." This exclusive event, running from 6 to 8 PM, is not just any artist's appearance; it's a vibrant celebration of the largest-selling bronze sculptor in the world.

Tim Cotterill's enchanting bronze frogs have captured the hearts of collectors globally. Each piece reflects a unique charm and character that resonates with fine art enthusiasts. The upcoming gallery event at Artmarket Gallery promises to be an exciting showcase, offering more than just a glimpse into Cotterill's creative genius.

Unveiling the Magic: Over 50 Frogman Sculptures on Display

Tim Cotterill's works are famed for their dynamic forms and exquisite patinas, each frog seemingly alive with its distinct personality. The upcoming event at Artmarket Gallery will feature an impressive array of over 50 Frogman sculptures, providing attendees with an unprecedented opportunity to experience the breadth of Cotterill's talent in one place.

Tim's sculptures stand out because of the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each piece. Crafted by hand at his foundry in the USA, every frog benefits from Cotterill's unwavering attention to detail and his passion for creating vibrant, lifelike art. The stunning patinas, a signature of his work, range from fiery reds and lush greens to deep blues, each adding a unique story and depth to the sculptures. Find out more about The Frogman Foundry in our blog, here.

Special Highlight: Limited Edition Bronze Frog

A significant highlight of the event is the unveiling of a unique, Artmarket exclusive limited edition bronze frog. This exclusive piece is expected to be a centrepiece of the exhibition. Its rarity and the prestige makes it a highly anticipated feature and a likely fast seller.

Collectors and art enthusiasts are especially drawn to these limited editions due to their exclusivity and the unique qualities each sculpture holds. Tim's ability to infuse such personality into each piece results in his work being displayed and cherished as part of personal collections worldwide.

The Artist Behind the Art: Tim Cotterill, The Frogman

Tim Cotterill's journey as an artist is as fascinating as his art. Originally from Leicester, England, he has made a significant mark on the global art scene with his distinctive bronze sculptures. His nickname, "The Frogman," aptly reflects his specialisation and mastery in crafting bronze frogs that are sculptures and storytellers.

Tim's work goes beyond the conventional; it's a form of communication through art. His frogs are more than bronze figures; they blend imagination, artistry, and nature. Each creation is a testament to his philosophy of living joyfully and enthusiastically, which he hopes to pass on to others through his sculptures.

Why Attend the Frogman Event at Artmarket Gallery?

Attending the Tim Cotterill Frogman event at the Artmarket Gallery offers more than just the chance to view and purchase unique art. It's an opportunity to meet the artist, understand his creative process, and hear the stories behind each magnificent piece.

For collectors and new enthusiasts alike, it's a chance to engage with a community that appreciates fine craftsmanship and the beauty of bronze art.

Moreover, the Artmarket Gallery, nestled in the heart of Cottingham, East Yorkshire, provides the perfect backdrop for this event. Its sophisticated yet welcoming space complements Cotterill's work. Visitors can immerse themselves in the world of "The Frogman" while enjoying the local charm of Cottingham.

How to Participate in This Exclusive Art Event

Early registration is recommended to ensure you take advantage of this exclusive event. The unique nature of this event, one of only three throughout the UK, means spaces could fill up quickly. Interested parties can contact the gallery to reserve their spot!

The Tim Cotterill "The Frogman" event at the Artmarket Gallery on October 5th, 2024, is more than just an exhibition; it celebrates art, creativity, and the joy of collecting. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the world of bronze sculptures, this event promises to be a memorable experience, showcasing the unparalleled talent of Tim Cotterill and offering the chance to own a piece of limited-edition art that embodies beauty and exclusivity. 

Shop Tim Cotterill's Frogman bronzes online at the Artmarket Gallery.

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