Welcome to our Virtual Viewing! Where we bring the Artmarket Gallery to you.

Welcome to our Virtual Viewing! Where we bring the Artmarket Gallery to you.

Amidst the current climate, we have had to temporarily close our gallery doors. But you can still see the artwork you love, in our gorgeous gallery, from the comfort of your own home.

Sounds too good to be true? We can't believe it either. Much planning, organising and clever thinking has created our newest service, Virtual Viewing! You will find our Virtual Viewing button across all of our artwork, above the 'add to basket' option.

How are we going to create our Virtual Viewing service?

Our amazing team are still hard at work and are dedicated to maintaining the impeccable 5 star service all of our clients receive. Therefore, we have put our Virtual Viewing in place to bring the Artmarket Gallery to you. Our clients have shown concern that they’re not going be receiving their necessary ‘art fix’ for the foreseeable, so we knew we had to do something about that!

We are utilising our digital team so you can still view the artwork you love as you would if you were to visit the Artmarket. Through the use of photographs, videos and superimposing, we promise to make your experience just as special as it would have been in the gallery.

This service allows our team to maintain your fabulous buying experience and prove that we will go the extra mile to help any of our art enthusiasts. We understand that this can be a frustrating time so we are here to brighten up your digital screens and your home walls with that piece of art you’ve had your eye on for ages!

What do I need to do for a Virtual Viewing? 

All you need to do is browse the web site by artist name or genre and select which piece of artwork you are interested in. Then simply fill out our short contact form and click submit. That is it! We'll do the rest.

What should you expect from the Artmarket Gallery?

We will personalise your video from inside the gallery, showcasing your artwork of choice. This video allows you to see the stunning detail our artists create and to find out more about the artwork you are lusting after. 

You also have the option to upload an image of the wall (or walls) you wish to place your art on, and we will superimpose the art onto your wall so you can get a real feel for how it will look in situ. 

All of this will be sent to your inbox via a link that will take you to your very own Artmarket Gallery page where you can see your video and images all in one place. If you like what you see then buying is easy! Simply press the buy it now button and follow through to our checkout.

This incredible service will really help you get a true feel of the artwork you are interested in and takes online shopping to another dimension. 

So sit back, enjoying browsing our website and get in touch with us... all the while you have your feet up with a cuppa!

The contact form makes this a simple process. Input your details so we can contact you, and also gives you the option to view and compare multiple pieces of art and leave our team comments for anything you want to know specifically.

Take for instance this client that asked to view Dean Martin’s Bunny Girls. The client loved the whole collection and couldn’t decide between one or the other. The client left a comment in the comments box telling us where to place them in their room, which three bunny’s they were looking at and to advise us to place all three together. Our digital team superimposed the art into the image of the room they attached to their contact form and we followed all instructions. We might be biased but they look brilliant! An unbeatable service brought to you by our fabulous digital team.

In these times, we may get sick of looking at our same four walls so we want to remain available for those who feel they need some brightening up.

Another room setting we created was using Rozanne Bell’s famous Stripes collection. Rozanne Bell’s Stripe collection consists of a variety of image sizes, colour ways and different brushstroke stripes. There are 11 variations of Rozanne Bell’s Stripes, all named by roman numerals. We understand that it is often difficult to notice the intricate differences in artwork by looking online and also appreciate that measuring up space is not always an accurate representation to show amazing the art will look there! This client wished to gage the correct size for their wall, not too big or not too small, they needed more clarity of how the size would fit their wall, and also which colour way was going to brighten their room the most. Thanks to our creative skills, we could decide on the perfect piece of art, leaving the client with no doubts about their purchase.

Aside from our superimposing service, we will also send a personalised video to your inbox. This video gives you a better understanding of the colours used in the artwork, you’ll have the opportunity to get a closer look at the detail, you will see every brushstroke. These videos allow our gallery team to give you some more information on the artist, the specific piece of artwork and gives you an up close view that a photograph often cannot capture. It also maintains your relationship with our team, sometimes it is nice to visit our gallery staff and test their expertise, so we are trying our best to simulate that experience for you.

Below is a video we shot recently of one of our gorgeous sculptures. This video lets you see the sculpture's detailing, colours and how it shines in natural light! If you request a video, you have the opportunity to ask specific questions about the different buying options and request a close up view of specific elements of the art.

We are often asked about the difference between a framed giclee deckled edge paper, a hand embellished canvas, a resin or an original, and all of the other art variations we stock! Videos are the best way to listen to our experts advice and get a close up view of what we can offer you as we film all of the variations and showcase their unique finishes. 

We are really encouraging the use of the Virtual Viewing service and we hope that it replaces the buying experience you would receive from our gallery team in better times. We are proud to be offering new and advanced way of online shopping and hope to carve the way for a new retail experience in the art world.

Art purchases are special, usually meaningful and often gifted for celebratory birthdays, weddings and other unique occasions, that’s why we want to move forwards in these gloomy times and offer that exceptional service no matter where you are shopping from.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our team through email at gallery@artmarket.co.uk and we will be happy to assist you in any of your Virtual Viewing questions!

Are you ready for the very best online shopping experience? Go and browse our site and fill in your Virtual Viewing form…we will be in touch soon!
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