Zee original art from Artmarket the artist's official gallery

Zee original art from Artmarket the artist's official gallery

From Leonardo DiCaprio to the Queen, Zee's original artwork showcases your favourite icons in a unique, eye-catching way. A pro at making the most striking original pieces of artwork, including crafty digital manipulations, diamond dust embellishments and noticeable quirks, Zee is hot right now and shows no signs of cooling off.

Her first releases, The Colour of Money and Blonde Bombshell were released only 5 months ago, exclusively to the Artmarket Gallery. These fantastic originals were sold before they could even touch the gallery walls, but it comes as no surprise when you see the detail, stand out style and fresh adaptation of each and every one. The reception to these was phenomenal, and since, Zee has not stopped releasing super hot artwork.

Including the popular paper editions and illusive resin editions, her work flew out of the gallery. During her exclusivity at the Artmarket Gallery, all of her original artworks sold out. We now only have two remaining!

Demand has increased substantially as Zee releases a new Valentine's edition titled Love. Love by Zee encapsulates all things, well... love!! We love having the original in the gallery, it is a real showstopper piece of artwork and at the time of writing is one of our final remaining original artworks. Zee has also released a beautiful adaptation of the Queen titled High Society and an exploration of Madonna's fame through iconography and famous musical lyrics in Papa Don't Preach both now sold to Artmarket clients hungry for her work.

Zee Original Secret Lives

Following the success of Zee's exclusive launch with the Artmarket Gallery, we have since had our hands on Zee's work first. Meaning yes, we are the place to be if you are on the lookout for Zee originals! Unique insights into what is coming next, first in line for fantastic commissions and a brilliant relationship with the artist herself means we can offer you a service like no other. A smooth, enjoyable experience each time, and Zee never shy's away from wanting to help and meet her brilliant client's requests!

Whether seen on the Artmarket Gallery's Instagram and Facebook page, on our web site, or seen through our fantastic window displays, everyone wants to, and needs to, know more about this tremendous work!!

The demand became so high that Zee is now inundated with Commission requests. From icons to pets, Zee is exploring her fantastic talent and will create original commissions for any request. Zee has created a magnificent Muhammed Ali, and has some fabulous Artmarket client commissions in the pipeline of cars, dogs and even more icons!!

Zee's popularity has rocketed. The original versions of her artwork stand out in size, impact and effect. These pieces are fantastic additions to any home. Acting as brilliant talking points, the various experiments with embellishment techniques and exploration with digital capacity offer something phenomenal in talent and exclusivity. 

Aside from their appearance, Zee's artwork comes alongside fascinating stories. 

On each original, Zee creates a star on the icons eye, embellished with eye-catching glitter. This came about after one of her children dropped the glue onto one of her very first originals and seemly created a unique (and now recognisable) niche to Zee's work. Check it out on Princess Diana in Zee's original, Secret Lives.

There are so many hidden stories within Zee's work, such as her children's birth dates, making sure there is always something extra to find in her artwork. Read more about Zee's quirky influences by reading this article, "Zee Talks All Things Art and Inspiration at the Artmarket Gallery."

Zee embellishes striking images, text and shapes onto her originals. The word LOVE stands out in a fabulous red glitter, and the glitter-esq dress on her newest adaptation of Audrey Hepburn cannot go unnoticed!! This piece of artwork is perfect for that very special Valentine's Day gift. 

Zee Original

All of her work is created in small edition sizes, adding that extra bit of exclusivity to each piece. The deckled edged paper editions only offer a boutique edition size of 25. The resin is even more desirable with only 5 of each available and of course, and original is yours and yours only. It is genuinely a first-come, first-serve business where Zee is concerned. 

Below are the only two originals currently remaining of Zee's artwork. If you love either of these brilliant creations then please do not hesitate to contact us and secure yours with just a 10% deposit! They won't be here for long, so don't miss out!!

Or if these don't suit your style and you have an icon you admire or even a British Bulldog (yes, we can do anything!!), then get in touch with our friendly and helpful gallery team on 01482 876003 or through email via to have a chat about what we can do for you.

Don't forget to check out our upcoming events page! Please save the date for Saturday 21st November, our special guest Zee is visiting our gallery for drinks, nibbles and art.
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