Zee Talks All Things Art and Inspiration at the Artmarket Gallery

Zee Talks All Things Art and Inspiration at the Artmarket Gallery

In October 2019, Zee was introduced exclusively to the Artmarket gallery. With the quick success of her first released artwork, we can’t wait to see what Zee has planned for the next year.

“Arts in the blood…” says Zee, “both my parents are artists so I was growing up around art and creativity from a young age. I was born in Budapest, Hungary and moved to London on my own when I was 18, hardly speaking any English, hungry for success and I was ready for all the challenges life can bring!”

Zee studied Interior Design and Creative Art at Richmond College, she also studied Digital Art at Elephant and Castle College in London. With a current, fresh and innovative outlook towards art, Zee would create personalised, custom artwork for her friends and family around her day job. In 2019, Zee decided to try and pursue her passion for art as a career.

Zee began working as a solo artist at the start of 2019. With two little children running around her home studio, her working hours are restricted to post bed time! But, her technological advanced studio, aka a laptop, means Zee is not restricted to her working space. In fact, Zee says that she is most creative when she’s on holiday, after “a few good nights sleep and feeling relaxed, I seem to come up with great ideas.” I suppose that’s a good excuse to holiday all year round!

When asked about the process of her artwork, Zee said that she can produce a finished piece of artwork with “no clear memory of the individual steps taken along the way.” She admits to having “little awareness or concern for the “rules”" when it comes to creating artwork, so she has a “natural tendency to break them” to create unique pieces of work. Technology plays a big role in her artistry as well as her influence of fashion and icons!

“I orchestrate the visual components using a variety of techniques. By scanning painted and drawn media into pixels, I manipulate and integrate the imagery with digital painting.” Says Zee, a totally unique method of artwork. Zee’s fascinating use of technology allows her to create art with an edge.

Quite obviously inspired by iconic figures, Zee reflects on her love for the Queen, Freddie Mercury and Madonna in her latest pieces. Zee recalls listening to Freddie Mercury’s album on repeat across long car journeys and her love for fashion is pretty clear in her crafty graffiti.

Colourful stickers, brands and Disney anecdotes are pivotal features in Zee’s art. Following the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, Zee recalls how communism brought new, American brands into her hometown. Living in Hungary at the time, Zee remembers seeing her home flourish with Walt Disney logos, McDonalds signs and Coca Cola bottles. 20 years down the line, this moment of commercialisation has served as eye-catching inspiration for Zee’s artwork.

Zee’s influence does however stem further away from fashion, icons and logos. Her two children inspire the quirks in her work; Zee makes sure to include Spiderman in her artwork wherever possible in homage of her son’s favourite Marvel character. As well, Zee includes her children’s birthdays amongst the graffiti in each piece. Finding these quirks has entertained us for days at the Artmarket gallery, have you spotted these on your piece at home?

Zee has had an amazing first few months at the Artmarket gallery and we are so excited to move forward with Zee and her brilliant artwork. You can view the latest available pieces by Zee, here. If you have any queries about Zee’s artwork, or are even interested in a commission piece, contact the gallery on 01482 876003. 

Who knows, we may even have a special visit from Zee this year at one of our extraordinary gallery events…
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