Browse our Seaside Escapism Collection including David Renshaw, Rozanne Bell, Stephen Hanson and more!

Browse our Seaside Escapism Collection including David Renshaw, Rozanne Bell, Stephen Hanson and more!

Rozanne Bell


Renowned for her lavish use of acrylics to create texture and depth, these brand new original artworks by Rozanne Bell capture the essence of summer in bold colours and bright flamboyancy. The artists excels in the creation of glittery, eye-catching original artwork so why not find the perfect piece of Rozanne Bell art to brighten up your wall space! 

Last Summer by Rozanne Bell

Stephen Hanson

Inspired by humour and a lovable narrative, Stephen Hanson envisions our perfect staycation for the summer as our four legged furry friends take ownership of the seas. Stephen's digital art captures the relatable, fun loving and treasurable moments of seaside escapes. Created using a wacom tablet and a loving, dog infused imagination - a medium that Stephen likes to call “Tradigital,” traditional drawing techniques with a digital twist.  Did you know that Stephen worked as a visual development artist and worked on huge projects like Despicable Me, Arthur Christmas and Flushed Away?! 

Back on the Road by Stephen Hanson

Leigh Lambert

Leigh Lambert's splash of colour set amongst a monochromatic background continues to ignite nostalgia in a true art fashion. With a keen eye for our fondest childhood memories, Leigh transports the onlooker back to yesteryear with honest childhood play and a traditional scenery. It's this throwback in time that his collectors now crave often looking at their own children. Whether escaping to the seaside or back to the days of 1900’s, Leigh Lambert’s art collection captures it all.

99's All Round by Leigh Lambert

Paul Horton

Pastel tones and vibrancy create a vision of the perfect seaside town. Paul Horton’s seaside homes stand proud together as passerby’s watch the sails escape into the horizon. Paul Horton’s art is available as an array of bespoke canvases or limited print paper editions, get in touch with our friendly gallery team to find your perfect Paul Horton artwork. Horton recently visited the Artmarket Gallery with a very special delivery of his brand new collection! You can shop his latest releases on our art clearance website Creative Edition.

The Seaside Suite - Landscape by Paul Horton

John Horsewell

Watch the tide stand still and become enamoured with tranquility through John Horsewell's originals. Peaceful blue tones create an eye catching display of relaxation and bring calmness to the home. His paintings are executed using both brushes and palette knives, giving them their distinctive texture and inviting the viewer to share the experience with him. John's technique is ever evolving and he is working today from his studio on the Suffolk boarder, as keen as ever to express his affection for the natural world around him.

Ocean Glow by John Horsewell

Amy Louise

Time to put on your shades! The beautiful weather has lifted our spirits and this fun, quirky artwork by Amy Louise has brought true summer vibes to the gallery. This is Amy's latest release with the Artmarket Gallery, and we have fallen in love with the humorous and unique hand embellished canvas! 

Summer Holiday by Amy Louise

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